Price: $175

State: Texas
City: San Antonio
Zip code: 78264
Type: Animals

2 Dairy Goat Bucklings (3/4 Alpine 1/4 Nubian) 4 months old, $175 each.
They were born April 19, . They are very friendly with hands on attention daily. They have been learning about hot wires and being led on a lead and being tied out. They have been eating out in the field, scrub out along the fencline, hay, and feed. They seem to eat anything.
Their dam was 1/2 Alpine, 1/2 Nubian, and the sire was pure French Alpine.
They are from heavy miling lines, including Shaheno'ko, Wailatpu, Willow Run, Nixon's and more on the Alpine side. Their sire was a buck out of the Ragels Ziegenhof Dairy in Seguin, TX.