Price: $450

State: Texas
City: San Antonio
Zip code: 78259
Type: Animals

The following Breeder Parrots are available at a price to sell quickly:
4yr Hispanolian Amazon Male $450
Proven Pair of Meyers Porcephalus will sit and feed $500
Green Cheek (Red Headed) Amazon pair in beautiful feather $500
Young Red Factor Sun Conure pair $600
Proven Male Patagonian Conure $200
Queen of Bavaria (Golden Conures) Indoor home only!! $
Blue Crown Conure Male $150
Proven Quaker had yellow babies if paired with split Lutino male $450
2 proven Pairs of BH Caiques if bred indoors $600
Male DYH Amazon $300
DYH Pair- Fem plucked on head.....$600
Cinnamon Green Conure Pair 200
Or Make offer for all the birds as a package!!