Price: $40

State: Texas
City: San Antonio
Zip code: 78247
Type: Animals

The following are currently available from Bob?s Birds and Rescue, San Antonio, TX. Interviews, home-inspection, contract, 3 months follow-up required. Adoption fees range from $40 up to half the value of the bird. Fee is reflective of the health, temperament and age of the bird. No breeders. Please do not already have a lot of birds. Local to San Antonio area only. Email for additional details and pics. If you have no knowledge of the species you are interested in, you will not be considered. Do your homework before you adopt a parrot. No exceptions. Emails will be addressed in the order received. Thank you!
1. Blue and Gold Macaw: Male? 34YO? Will bond to dominant male human. Aggressive towards birds. Perfect feather/health. $375
2. Military Macaw: Female? 1.5YO. Tame, but is very afraid of hands. Patience required. Loves other birds. $375
3. Double Yellow Headed Amazon: Male? 60+YO. Nearly blind. Noisy. $50 to the right home.
4. Double Yellow Headed Amazon: Female? 50+YO. Good feather and great health. Very afraid of hands. Not noisy. $100 with cage to the right home.
5. Quaker: Female? No history. Perfect feather. Appears to have never been held, but progressing wonderfully. $40
6. Quaker: Female. 10YO? Perfect feather. Extremely bonds to one person and loves them! $40
7. White Bellied Caique: 12YO. Male. Sweet, but may nip at first. Very confident. Fine with other birds. $325
8. Quaker: Female? 25YO? Bonds to one person. Cage aggressive, but nice when out. $40 to the right home.
9. White Capped Pionus. Male? 5YO? Tame. Beautiful feather. Can nip at first. $300
Some cages are available at nominal costs.
Pictures may not be the actual bird available for adoption.